February 25

LET no man think that sudden in a minute
All is accomplished and the work is done;—
Though with thine earliest dawn thou shouldst begin it,
Scarce were it ended in thy setting sun.
F. W. H. Myers

BEWARE of the damnable doctrine that it is easy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It is to be obtained only by the sacrifice of all that stands in the way, and it is to be observed that in this, as in other things, men will take the first, the second, the third—nay, even the ninety-ninth step, but the hundredth and last they will not take.
Mark Rutherford

LET no man think to kill sin with a few, easy, or gentle strokes. He who hath once smitten a serpent, if he follow not on his blow until he be slain, may repent that ever he began the quarrel, and so will he who undertakes to deal with sin, and pursues it not constantly to the death.
John Owen


February 11

WHOSO hath felt the Spirit of the Highest
Cannot confound nor doubt Him nor deny:
Yea with one voice, O world, tho’ thou deniest,
Stand thou on that side, for on this am I.
F. W. H. Myers

IT is much more important to do right than not to do wrong; further, the one is possible, the other has always been and will ever be impossible.
Robert Louis Stevenson

WHERE I chooser, a dram of well-doing should be preferred before many times as much forcible hindrance of evil doing. For God, sure, esteems the growth and completion of one virtuous person more than the restraint of ten vicious.
John Milton

One, on God’s side, is a majority.
Wendell Phillips

November 24

CAN it be true, the grace he is declaring?
Oh, let us trust him, for his words are fair!
Man, what is this, and why art thou despairing?
God shall forgive thee all but thy despair.
F. W. H. Myers

IT is the nature of wisdom to despise nothing; indeed, in this world there is perhaps only one thing truly contemptible, and that thing is contempt itself.
Maurice Maeterlinck

CONTEMPT from those about us is hard to bear, but God helps the poor wretch who contemns himself.
Mark Rutherford

BY despising himself too much a man comes to be worthy of his own contempt.
Henri F. Amiel

THERE is surely a piece of Divinity in us, something that was before the Elements, and owes no homage unto the Sun. Nature tells me I am the image of God, as well as Scripture: he that understands not thus much, hath not his introduction or first lesson, and is yet to begin the Alphabet of man.
Sir Thomas Browne

August 25

YEA Thou forgivest, but with all forgiving
Canst not renew mine innocence again:
Make Thou, O Christ, a dying of my living,
Purge from the sin but never from the pain.
F. W. H. Myers

IF soldiers lie dead upon the battlefield there is an end of them; new armies may be raised, but the enemy is at any rate weaker by those who are killed. It is not quite the same with our ghostly foes, for they rise into life after we think they are buried, and often with greater strength than ever.
Mark Rutherford

OUR guilt as well as our goodness, once contracted, is ineffaceable. No power within the circuit of God’s providence can blot out an idea from the pages of the secret heart, or cancel a force of desire that has once gone forth.
James Martineau

June 7

YEA, thro’ life, death, thro’ sorrow and thro’ sinning,
He shall suffice me, for He hath sufficed:
Christ is the end, for Christ was the beginning,
Christ the beginning, for the end is Christ.
F. W. H. Myers

IF you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Master, do not think it is because you have thought too much; it is because you have thought too little.
John Clifford

IF we estimate the greatness of a man by the influence which he has exerted on mankind, there can be no question, even from the secular point of view, that Christ is much the greatest man who has ever lived.
George J. Romanes

CHRIST is the realized idea of our Humanity. He is God’s idea of Man completed.
Frederick W. Robertson