February 1

FOR the love of God is broader
Than the measures of man’s mind;
And the heart of the Eternal
Is most wonderfully kind.
F. W. Faber

OF all spirits I believe the spirit of judging is the worst, and it has had the rule of me I cannot tell you how dreadfully and how long . . . . This I find has hindered my progress in love and gentleness than all things else. I never knew what the words, “Judge not that ye be not judged,” meant before; now they seem to me some of the most awful, necessary, and beautiful in the whole Word of God.
Frederick D. Maurice

HE who shall pass judgment on the records of our life is the same that formed us in frailty.
Robert Louis Stevenson


July 15

WE take with solemn thankfulness
Our burden up, nor ask it less,
And count it joy that even we
May suffer, serve, or wait for Thee,
Whose will be done!
John G. Whittier

A BROKEN heart is a sponge for God’s Word.
R. W. Barbour

GOD has brought us into this time; He, and not ourselves or some dark demon. If we are not fit to cope with that which He has prepared for us, we should have been utterly unfit for any condition that we imagine for ourselves. In this time we are to live and wrestle, and in no other. Let us humbly, tremblingly, manfully look at it, and we shall not wish that the sun could go back its ten degrees, or that we could go back with it. If easy times are departed, it is that the difficult times may make us more in earnest; that they may teach us not to depend upon ourselves. If easy belief is impossible, it is that we may learn what belief is, and in whom it is to be placed.
Frederick D. Maurice

WHY should I start at the plough of my Lord, that maketh deep furrows on my soul? I know He is no idle husbandman; He purposeth a crop.
Samuel Rutherford