June 11

YOU must mix some uncertainty
With faith, if you would have faith be.
Robert Browning

IF you will believe only in the perceptions of sense and distrust the intimations of the spirit, it is a question how low you will descend for your lest of certainty. Will you depend upon your own faculties in proportion as they are simply animal, and deny them in proportion as they are divine?— Confide in your eyesight and give the lie to the conscience and affections?
James Martineau

NEVER be afraid to doubt, if only you have the disposition to believe, and doubt in order that you may end in believing in Truth.
Samuel Tavlor Coleridge


May 21

A SENSE o’er all my soul imprest
That I am weak, yet not unblest
Since in me, round me, everywhere,
Eternal strength and wisdom are.
Samuel Tavlor Coleridge

HOW near to me is my Creator! I am not merely surrounded by His influence, as by this air which I breathe, I am pervaded by His agency, He quickens my whole being. Through Him am I this instant thinking, feeling, and speaking. And knowing thus the intensity and the extent of this relationship, how is it possible that I can forget Him!
William E. Channing

LET life be a life of faith. Do not go timorously about, inquiring what others think, what others believe, what others say. It seems the easiest, but it is the most difficult thing in life to do this, to believe in God. God is near you. Throw yourself fearlessly upon Him. Trembling mortal, there is an unknown might within your soul, which will wake when you command it. Let Christ’s strength be yours. Look to Him, and He will save you.
Frederick W. Robertson